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  1. There ought to be an "Unfinish […] grimus At Toadofsky. You are right about that. We really don't need a "cla […]
  2. There ought to be an "Unfinish […] Toadofsky I don't disagree. Arguably there *is* a resign button if you want to […]
  3. MAD GAME !!! ttttttttttt ahahah. it's epic!!!
  4. You vs Stockfish 1,Checkmate i […] tisnjh Yes! I got an 18 move mate: http://en.lichess.org/mmNiQ2epHjgO
  5. hate of puzzles Teata Chessflub, listen, it just wants you to find the best move whether it […]
  6. Can someone explain this? Teata I don't understand what your are talking about.
  7. There ought to be an "Unfinish […] Teata I got on and looked and his time just when off and you won. But yes I […]
  8. There ought to be an "Unfinish […] grimus @ static_shadow What if I don't think I've earned a draw? what if […]
  9. hate of puzzles tisnjh Many of the puzzles I get are really obscure patterns that *never* see […]
  10. Puzzle ends too early Dr_King_Schultz Oh, right. :p
  11. Chess Rating calculator Clarkey Basically what #2 and #3 have said. We used to use Elo, like 2-3 ye […]
  12. Can someone explain this? mravuljson I have everything documented what this guy wrote to me.... if you want […]
  13. why so rude LM F_D89 #11 Joke is on him, you guys were chatting.
  14. Puzzle ends too early Hellball I agree, the puzzle could have been made better by continuing with 3.. […]
  15. Puzzle ends too early Dr_King_Schultz http://de.lichess.org/training/24579 ends after 1. ... Re1+ 2. Kd2 Rxd […]
  16. I`ve been banned from tournaments Hellball Lichess rules explicitly allow you to use an engine in friendly games, […]
  17. Can someone explain this? anoneal01 Obviously if you're talking about the end position of this game then y […]
  18. Can someone explain this? chunkymonkey Your horse is sleeping! Seriously though - nope.......
  19. Can someone explain this? fandesport06 it's not checkmate click on this link and you will see your opponent gave up
  20. Can someone explain this? bigmurphx Hi can anyone explain to me how this is a checkmate? I thought was abl […]
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